The Kentfield Library Has Moved

By sfrye
December 11th, 2020 - 11:09am

The College of Marin Library at Kentfield has moved from the Learning Resources Center (LRC) into Fusselman Hall (FH) as the College continues capital improvements as part of the Measure B Bond Program

Please note that campus and the library remain closed for the statewide shelter-in-place order. When the Kentfield Libary re-opens after the statewide shelter-in-place order is lifted (date TBD), we will be operating out of our new location in Fusselman Hall. 

The Learning Resources Center was demolished over summer 2020. A new facility combining Learning Resources and Student Services will be constructed in the site of the existing LRC along College Avenue over the next three to four years. Once construction is complete, the Library will move into our new home within the new building.

Did you know: Fusselman Hall was the original location of the Library at the College of Marin?

Fusselman Hall is located directly in the center of campus. Look for "FH" on the righthand side of this Kentfield Campus Map. The Library will occupy the first floor of Fusselman, with the stacks to the right of the main entrance and the Information Literacy Computer Lab to the left. 



  • Library Book Drop:  The book drop in Parking Lot 5 (P5) has moved to Parking Lot 6 near Health Services (HS), however please note that due to the statewide shelter-in-place order, due dates have been extended so that books and other materials checked out from the COM Libraries can be kept until we re-open for in-person service (date TBD). If you need to return items over the summer, the Book Drop in Parking Lot 6 is open 24/7. It's bright blue, so you won't miss it! 
  • Parking Lot 5: Parking Lot 5 has permanently closed. Refer to the Kentfield Campus Map for other parking lots. 
  • LRC Demolition: The LRC is now permanently closed. The LRC will be demolished over summer 2020. This process will take several months to complete. Check back for futher updates.