Filling a Niche

By sfrye
June 24th, 2022 - 6:16pm

COM student enters STEM research competition 

Noah Lev Bartell-Mangel, a wonderful student at College of Marin, sat down with librarian Dave Patterson to talk about research strategies. Noah Lev entered a research competition in January 2022 sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery and did very well, coming in second place. In this interview, Noah Lev explains how he became involved in the research competition. He discusses the process of doing research for the competition and research that he has done for classes at COM. He also offers COM students advice about their research. 

Topics we covered include Google Scholar, the Rust programming language, the power of being asked a question, the importance of passion (and of emotional distance!), organic and community farming, figuring out the best search terms, mismatch between your research interests and sources you are finding, the role of chance in the research process, poetry, encouragement from mentors, and ... plant blindness!

It's a fascinating interview! After you watch the interview, check out his paper, "Filling a Niche: Using Spare Bits to Optimize Data Representations" and the three minute talk he gave about his research. Also, check out his paper on plant blindness, "Hiding in Plant Sight" (great title!) for Dr. Alisa Klinger's English 155 course. Finally, listen to him read his poem, "Bleeding Sky," published in the College of Marin Literary Magazine in the spring of 2022.

Learn more and watch an interview with Noah Lev!